MTank is a non-partisan organisation that works solely to recognise the multifaceted nature of Artificial Intelligence research and to highlight key developments within all sectors affected by these advancements. Through the creation of unique resources, the combination of ideas and their provision to the public, this project hopes to encourage the dialogue which is beginning to take place globally.

To produce value for the individual, for researchers, for institutions and for the world.


  1. 1. Model and distil knowledge within AI
  2. 2. Make progress towards creating truly intelligent machines

What we have released


A Year in Computer Vision

Multi-Modal Methods


From Cups to Consciousness (Part 2): From simulation to the real world

From Cups to Consciousness (Part 1): How are cups related to intelligence?

AI Distillery (Part 2): Distilling by Embedding

AI Distillery (Part 1): A bird's eye view of AI research

Drinking AI research from the firehose and the journey from cups to consciousness


Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning
4 hour course

Our work will be inclusive. Inclusive of all persons and fields, emulating the potential of the technology itself. Too frequent are the miscommunications around breakthroughs, too costly are the impacts, and too simple is the solution. One home for insights. One place to learn. One team committed to this practice.

Providing accurate and timely information on Artificial Intelligence that will help shape our world in the years to come.

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Daniel Flynn

Founder & Researcher

Ben Duffy

Founder & Researcher

Fernando Germán
Torales Chorne

Founder & Researcher

Lukas Galke


Federico Bianchi


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